Case Study: DROWSY (Existing Account growth)

DROWSY approached us to optimize their advertising campaigns, reduce large advertising expenditures, clean up their listings, improve SEO, and develop their brand on Amazon.

The Challenge

DROWSY was experiencing high spending issues, with the ACOS% (Advertising Cost of Sale) being excessively high, some ad groups reaching and exceeding 150-180%. Additionally, key data was missing from the listing pages, which could influence customer buying decisions.

What We Did

We redesigned the listing images, optimizing them to the fullest extent possible. We also built variations for the listings and completely revamped the advertising structure. Our focus was solely on optimized products, ensuring the imagery was accurate and the content was keyword-driven to answer customer queries effectively. These efforts helped DROWSY achieve significant sales growth in Q3 and Q4 of 2023.

How We Addressed and Resolved DROWSY Advertising


⦁ Sponsored Product Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Target specific keywords and search queries with varying levels of specificity to capture a broad audience while refining targeting.
⦁ Automatic Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Leverage Amazon’s algorithm to automatically target relevant keywords and products, allowing for discovery of new keywords and product opportunities.
⦁ Category Targeting
⦁ Objective: Target entire product categories to increase visibility among related products.
⦁ Sponsored Brand Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Promote brand awareness and drive traffic to a customized Amazon Store or product page.
⦁ Defensive Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Protect brand presence by targeting Drowsy’s own ASINs and keywords to prevent competitors from capturing the brand’s audience.
⦁ Converted Campaigns from Good Search Terms
⦁ Objective: Use search terms that have previously converted well in various match types to create new targeted campaigns.
⦁ Sponsored Display Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Retarget potential customers who have shown interest in similar products, leveraging display ads to increase conversion rates.
⦁ Audience Retargeting Campaigns
⦁ Objective: Test keywords and analyze traffic behavior and market trends through retargeting audiences based on their previous interactions with the brand.
⦁ Defensive Brand Keywords Strategy
⦁ Objective: Utilize tools like Helium 10 and the Amazon search bar to gather brand-specific keywords to enhance defense targeting and ensure visibility against competitors.

Demonstrated Growth Post- Advertising Strategy Implementation

Before and After: Sales Growth Under Our Expertise

Before: 1st February 2023 - 31st July 2023

After: 1st August 2023 - 31st January 2024

While improving the little details, we ensured that all points were addressed for the listing, including highlighting the luxuriousness of our product and emphasizing its superiority over the competition. Mentioning the features of our products and comparing them to our competitors is vital for enhancing customer experience. To identify areas for improvement, we conducted detailed research and studied the competitive market, then implemented our findings accordingly.

A+ Content

We added A+ content to the listings. A+ content is a graphical representation of all the product features, which will help buyers understand the DROWSY product more effectively.


The strategic management of the Drowsy brand on Amazon from August 2023 to till now 2024 resulted in significant improvements across various metrics. By focusing on optimizing product listings, enhancing customer service, and utilizing targeted advertising, Drowsy achieved notable growth in sales and customer satisfaction. This case study demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive and adaptive approach to managing an Amazon seller account.

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