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beBOLD is a full-service ad agency that specializes in helping businesses make the best Walmart Connect ads PPC Management Service

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Looking for Advertising Agency Services: A Guide for Brands

For businesses wanting to increase their online presence, advertising on Walmart Connect can be a great opportunity. The platform is a leading online marketplace with millions of visitors each day, and partnering with the right advertising agency can help businesses make the most of their ads. beBOLD, a full-service ad agency, specializes in helping brands achieve success with Walmart Connect ads.

Services Offered by beBOLD

beBOLD offers the following services to businesses looking to advertise on Walmart Connect:

  1. Media Planning and Buying: Our agency works closely with businesses to develop a custom media strategy that fits their budget and campaign objectives. They then use their experience and connections to make sure ads are placed in the right locations for maximum visibility.

  2. Campaign Development and Management: beBOLD’s team of creative experts design and develop custom ads that reflect the brand’s unique voice and message. They also manage campaigns from start to finish, ensuring ads are performing optimally and making adjustments where needed.

  3. Analytics and Reporting:  beBOLD tracks and analyzes campaign performance, providing businesses with valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize their ads.

Importance of Working with the Right Agency

Working with an experienced ad agency like beBOLD is important for businesses for several reasons:

  1. The team at beBOLD has a deep understanding of how Walmart Connect works, including how to target the right customers and get the most out of ad spend.

  2. Working with an agency can save businesses time and effort, as they can handle everything from planning to execution to reporting, leaving businesses free to focus on their core operations.

  3. Advertising on Walmart Connect requires a strategic approach, and partnering with the right agency can lead to a successful campaign that drives sales and growth.


A successful Walmart Connect campaign requires a strategic approach that takes into account the unique needs and goals of each business. Ultimately, working with an experienced agency like beBOLD can help businesses maximize their advertising efforts, reach their target audience, and achieve their goals.

The Launchnads PROCESS

Our process and expert approach to Growth of your brand on Amazon starts here.

See our step by step process:

1. Understand

Your brand: where else you are selling, your competitors, each marketplace and the opportunity.

2. Strategize

Collaborate and develop an omni-channel approach with SEO, image / A+, advertising plan to drive incremental sales while maintaining profitability

3. Execute

Let our team excuse the strategy we have proposed and we have both agreed on.

4. Report

We have weekly calls to review the execution of plans which include reporting and analytics.  We ensure you always have full transparency.

Walmart Advertising – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect is the advertising platform for It allows brands to advertise their products and services to Walmart’s massive audience of shoppers while they browse or search for specific products. It also offers tools for managing campaigns and analyzing ad performance.

2. How do I get started with Walmart Connect advertising?

To start advertising on Walmart Connect, you need to create an account and set up an advertising campaign. This process involves selecting your target audience, ad format, bid strategy, and budget. You can also work with a Walmart advertising agency like beBOLD to develop and manage your campaigns.

3. What types of ads can I run on Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect offers a variety of ad formats, including sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display ads. Sponsored products appear in search results and product pages, sponsored brands are display ads that appear on, and display ads are banner ads that appear on third-party sites. Each format has its own benefits and requirements.

4. How do I measure my Walmart Connect ad performance?

Walmart Connect provides various metrics to measure your ad performance, including impressions, clicks, CTR (click-through rate), spend, and ROAS (return on ad spend). You can access these metrics through the Walmart Connect dashboard, where you can also make adjustments to your campaigns based on your performance data. Alternatively, you can work with a Walmart advertising agency like beBOLD to track, analyze and optimize your campaign results.

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